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We are a Singapore-based company that excels in the provision of logistics services and solutions. Incorporated in 2003, we have more than a decade of experience in the logistics industry and hence able to handle assignments of almost any scale and size.

Here at Win-bells Logistics, we hold a strong belief that having a skilful and knowledgeable workforce is the key to providing the best service. As such, we invest heavily in our manpower by constantly upgrading our employees through courses and workshops.

In addition, we are also a firm believer that technology will allow us to be more efficient in what we do. This is why we do market research periodically to ensure that we have the most updated vehicles, machineries and computing softwares.


Our core business in Singapore includes inland transportation as well as warehouse management. We are also proficient in events set-up and packaging. Additionally, we have a team of experts specialized in the movement and installation of equipment for data centres. We are also expanding our business by establishing global presence through international freight forwarding, shipments and consignments.


Mr Hu Chit Huang came to Singapore in 1986, when he was just 18 years old. Like many Malaysian labourers back then, he was very willing to endure hardships in order to make ends meet. He started working as a mover in a logistics MNC shortly after crossing the border. Through years and years of hard work, he slowly rose to the rank of a Transport Supervisor. In his heart, he always has the passion to make logistics more flexible and efficient.

Hence, in year 2000, he decided to take a leap of faith and leave his stable-income job to become a sole proprietor, providing logistics services with a personal touch. It was not an easy decision for him as his wife had just given birth to his second child. Being young and adventurous, Mr Hu started his business journey with merely a used second-hand van which he bought using almost all his savings. He gradually grew his business and finally incorporated Win-Bells Logistics in 2003. Since its incorporation, Win-Bells Logistics has grown to own a wide range of vehicles and its very own warehouse.

Mr Hu is now the Founding and Managing Director of Win-Bells Logistics. We believe that as an industry veteran, Mr Hu will be able to value-add and provide valuable advice to you and your business.


We want to build a long-term relationship with you. This can only be achieved by upholding strong moral principles.

We stay committed to your business. Once entrusted with a task, we will follow through every details from the beginning till the end.

We take pride in the tasks entrusted to us. We go above and beyond to ensure outstanding quality in the services we provide.



We CARE for your business.

Comply fully in accordance to your requirements

Assuring you that we conduct business with complete honesty and integrity

Reliable service that always delivers on time

Enterprising business model that is young, dynamic and resourceful


To establish a global presence through providing the most efficient logistics solutions by constantly upgrading our manpower and machineries.